Oprah & Deepak Chopra - 21 Day Meditation Challenge Perfect Health

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Are you ready to experience the healthiest version of yourself? 
There exists in you a place that is free from disease, never feels pain, is ageless, and never dies. This place is Perfect Health. Journey there with Oprah and Deepak as they reveal the secrets to lifelong wellbeing. 

Learn to: 

Change your thought patterns to create greater balance in your life.
Take small yet powerful steps to improve your eating, social, and fitness habits.
Tap into the intelligence of your body that already exists within.
Use meditation to transform your body, mind, and spirit.
Beautiful soundscapes harmonize with Oprah and Deepak’s daily message, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts. 
Take control of your wellbeing with Perfect Health, and get ready for more vitality, peace, and joy!


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