ADOBE CS6 PREMIERE PRO Video Tutorial Class

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Learn Premiere Pro CS6
Using dynamic link to share sequences between Premiere Pro and Encore.
Managing and viewing assets in the Project panel.

Getting started with Premiere Pro CS6:
What is Adobe Premiere Pro CS6?
Transitioning to Premiere Pro CS6.
A tour of the interface.
Get editing quickly.
Adjusting Premiere Pro preferences and other settings.
Editing with the Ripple and Rolling edit tools.
Using the Trim edit tool.
Add a simple title, some fades, and music.
Understanding audio editing.
Transforming a selection.
Adjusting video transitions.
Keyboard shortcuts.

What's new in Premiere Pro CS6?
Improved markers and importing from Prelude.
Project panel and media browser changes.
Sharing clips and rough cuts directly with Adobe Premiere Pro.
Exporting to SpeedGrade.
Redesigned three-way color corrector.
Multicamera improvements.
Dynamic link imporvements in Premiere Pro.
The improved Audio Meter panel.
An easier way to use audio mixer.
Customizing the timeline.

Importing files and folders.
Using the redesigned source and program monitors.
Taking control of your timeline.
Using shortcuts for fluid, high performance workflow.
Editing clips into the timeline.
Performing a three-point edit.
Delete and Ripple delete.
JKL trimming.
Trimming on the timeline.
Dynamic trimming and editing with the keyboard.
Changing a sequence to match a clip.
Setting up multi-camera sequences.
Creating and editing titles.
Add a transition between 2 clips.
Working with audio.
Creating an audio crossfade.
Nesting sequences.

Understanding the enhanced effects workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
Send work from Premiere Pro to After Effects.
Adding and removing special effects.
Changing time: Slow/Fast/Reverse motions.
Animating effects using key frames.
Warp stabilizer.
Rolling shutter repair in Premiere Pro.

Advanced Premiere Pro workflows:
Editing with RED & Adobe Premiere Pro: edit up to 5K with ease.
Maximum power: configuring Adobe CS6.
Premiere Pro CS6 companion products.
What is Prelude?
What is Encore CS6?


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