Philip A. Covington - The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

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It's Time For You To Tap Into This NEW One Of A Kind Opportunity And Create A Profitable Amazon Business!
No previous knowledge or experienced required!

My proven methods to rank all of your products organically on page one!

Understand the important technical process to sell on Amazon that many sellers overlook.

How to build a highly successful Amazon business from the ground up.
How to quickly validate your product idea so you can be certain that it will make money.
How to source product samples to validate your product before investing your hard earned money.
How to turn your ideas into a superior products that will crush your competition.
How to create the perfect Amazon listing with powerful SEO and consumer psychology triggers.
How to structure and run your business to avoid any tax or legal headaches!
How to turn your profitable products into a 6 or 7 figure brand that people find irresistible.
How to diversify your sales channels with a high converting website, and an outstanding social media presence!

This course is constantly updated, added to, and improved - you have access to the improvements and additions forever at no additional cost!

This course is about the real world, not a fairyland where instant gratification appears as soon as you know the secret handshake. 
You probably already have a general idea of what you need to get started. You'll need a business license of course, probably there will be some paperwork. You'll have to choose some products and then somehow, mysteriously, get them to sell.

Class Curriculum:

MODULE W1: Setting Up Your Business
MODULE W2: Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Insurance.
MODULE W3: Business Accounts.
MODULE W4: Setting Up Business on Amazon.
MODULE W5: Product Research Phase 1.
MODULE W6: Product Research Phase 2.
MODULE W7: Product Research Phase 3.
MODULE W8: Sourcing Phase 1.
MODULE W9: Sourcing Phase 2.
MODULE W10: Sourcing Phase 3.
MODULE W11: Sourcing Phase 4.
Module W12 Resources.
MODULE W13: Getting Sales.
MODULE W14: Optimizing Sales.
Module W15: Dealing With Problems.
MODULE W16: More Problems and Solutions.
MODULE W17: Beyond FBA: Shopify or FBM on Amazon.
MODULE W18: Growing Your Amazon Business - Part 1.
MODULE W19: Growing Your Amazon Business - Part 2.
MODULE W20: Growing Your Amazon Business - Part 3.


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