Michael Breen - Using NLP On Yourself

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Discover The LIFE Tested Proven Way To Master Your Emotions... Eliminate Doubts And Unwanted Thoughts...
Transform Disempowering Feelings And Behaviors... 
And Finally Install The CORE Beliefs and Life Enhancing Practices That Are Used By Experts Of NLP... 
So You Can Create More of The Life You Want...

Using NLP on Yourself To Create More Of The Life You Want is divided into two training modules:

The first is a 90 minute multi-part video training program in which you will learn specific inner mind set strategies and essential NLP tools for creating more of the life you want. 
You don't need to learn a ton of NLP to see dramatic results, use and apply what you learn here and you will have the core patterns on board from which you can start doing and experiencing new levels of happiness, productivity, control, and joy in your life.

After completing the video training portion of the course and the assignments you will enjoy a 56 page action guide. 
The purpose of the action guide is to provide you with a "bootstrap" action manual to ensure you master each of the core patterns and key attitude that drives NLP so you have the resources to improve your life.

Next once you have a firm grip and operational the inner game that enables you to then approach using the techniques you will receive an extensive training on "Emotional Mastery: How To Manage Your State.


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