Jamie Smart - The Secrets of the Superstar NLPers, Trainers, Consultants

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Jamie Smart is a leading trainer, thinker & entrepreneur who has been teaching people how their minds work & how to lead happy, successful lives since 1999. 

After reaching the top of his field in the 2000s (acknowledged by his peers as one of the world's finest NLP trainers), Jamie announced his intention to stop teaching NLP in order to teach a new paradigm, the Inside-Out understanding of reality articulated as The Three Principles by the philosopher Sydney Banks. 

This new paradigm represents the most complete explanatory model for human psychological functioning & holds enormous promise for the future of humanity. Jamie's vision is a bold one: Awakened Humanity. 

The first generation of Awakened Humanity is the next stage in our evolution as a species. We are now in a position to create the conditions for the first generation of awakened humanity to be born, to thrive & to flourish. 

Jamie's mission is to help create the conditions that give rise to the first generation of awakened humanity, by sharing The 3 Principles of mind, consciousness & thought with the leaders of the future & with the world

This program It is suitable for people of every level, from the total newcomer to the seasoned consultant. (In fact, it will have a profound impact on you, your work, your life & the lives of those around you, even if you never work "officially" as a coach.). 

I know that what you're going to be learning here isn't just going to change your life forever; it's going to change the lives of every person you come into contact with.


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