Talmadge Harper - Erotic Hypnosis 3.0

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The focus will be heavily on erotic hypnosis and how to satisfy your partner or strangers in ways you never dreamed possible. 

What is included in the Erotic Hypnosis 3.0 program:

 1. How to give 5 - 20 minute orgasms to yourself and strangers.
 2. Instant inductions, NLP inductions, telepathic orgasms.
 3. Mind dolls, virtual romance worlds.
 4. Anchoring romantic and sexual responses.
 5. Healing low libido or any sexual dysfunction.
 6. Increasing your sexual pleasure with your partner.
 7. Multiple Orgasms for Men and women.
 8. Using Erotic Hypnosis on strangers and for entertainment.
 9. Dangers of Hypnosis that you are not told about.
10. The Power of Eastern hypnosis.
11. New improved confidence to hypnotize.


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